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Using state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to die-cut windows of any shape and size without affecting the integrity and safety of the product, providing the same protection and a more attractive appearance.

High technology allows us to die-cut different shapes during the same production run, reducing costs and processing time.


Micro and macro perforations tailored to each packaging: from frozen foods to vegetables, from dairy products to baked goods, maximum safety and breathability for your products.


A wide range of graphic solutions thanks to earless 8-color printing presses, innovative water-based inks (effective and safe for the product, sustainable for the environment) and the possibility of applying glossy-matte or ‘paper touch’ effect, both full- and register.


Varied possibilities also with regard to seals from register-applied cold seal, which allows sealing of the wrapper at room temperature, an ideal solution for more delicate products, to more innovative solutions in self-sealing, single-material, recyclable paper.