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The evolution of packaging with flexographic printing.

Ekaflex was founded in 2005 at the hands of Karim Nardin and Emiliano Besozzi, operators specialized in printing, who decided to create a company with a strongly innovative character and a green soul.

In 2010, partners Cristian Nardin and Marco Carrara were added to the staff, expanding the spectrum of expertise at the top of the firm.

The experience of the managers, who are more than actively engaged in the company’s various departments, the techniques and machinery
cutting-edge and a commitment to research allow us to offer packaging solutions of the highest standard, with a focus on the environment and detailed aesthetics.

Ekalab is Ekaflex’s research team that studies, designs and develops increasingly sustainable and functional materials,
as well as targeted and adaptable to customers’ needs. Thanks to this commitment, Ekaflex was able to be among the first companies to introduce paper in food packaging, thus ensuring, from the very beginning, the coexistence of high quality and low ecological impact.

Continuity in innovation, the constant search for better performing materials and investment in modern technologies make Ekaflex an absolute leader in the industry, as confirmed by the numerous international awards it has received.


for about 8,500 square meters

2 Gearless 8-color printing machines
2 solventless couplers
2 Combi coupler
equipped with a rotogravure unit
6 Cutters
100% control camera
Integrated laser die cutter
1 Cold macroperforator

70 employees

Products year 2022:

4,000,000 kg of which 35% paper

Awards and Recognitions

2018 1st place in the category film band media outdoor press with the work “Aldi Gourmet freihofer scamorza” and 3rd place in the same category with the work “Panini Mickey Mouse 90 years 3D”.
The same year, with the work that won first place, we also participated in the 26th edition of the “Qualidade flexo prof. Sergio Vay 2018” award in Brazil, coming 3rd.

2019 1st place in the category film band media external press with the work “Petit Fruits Rouges”.

2020 3rd place in the category film band media external press with the work “Aldi Gourmet scamorza Trentin”.

2022 1st place in the paper/cardboard medium band category with the work ” Natus Food vegetable nuggets” and 3rd in the same category with the work ” UCL match attax multipack”.